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Ekky, The African Love Story

Ekky 1I had no idea that one random, fun fueled night in October 2011 would change my life, perhaps forever. It was the usual sunday gathering at my friend Viviens house. A couple of clowns, a little alcohol and wandering conversation had us all in fits of laughter. Passionate banter about music wasnt unsual. A couple of lady gaga haters  n lovers going off at each other, there was a heated drake and rick ross argument among the guys till my good friend “a one vivien” shouted out  ” why are we even talking about these chaps when ekky here could be the one we chatting about ?” she started her usual tease about how well i could sing, and everyone went “well Ekky, go on then”.

Ofcourse there was no way I was going to. I could barely manage a squeak .You see for as long as I can remember the only audience I ever had were shower gels, cleansers and toners. They suited me quite fine.

Hannah (aka…

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