What Amin did with the gun, Museveni is doing with corruption.

One of the most consistent political taboos in Uganda is praising the late dictator, Idi Amin Dada. Worse, is comparing him to the current leader, President Museveni.  The worst of Amin may not be the cannibal allegations but the effect of his brutal Uganda Army on the social fabric of Ugandan society.


It is said that when at one point his soldiers were demanding a pay raise, Amin wondered why they were bothering him when they possessed the surest way to wealth, guns. In a single master stroke, Amin ahd then unleashed an army on the population. From looting, hijacks, road blocks,cold burglary to cold-blood shootings, Amin’s soldiers wrecked havoc on helpless Ugandans in an attempt to earn their pay as advised by their master.

Thirty years on and we’re live under the same philosophy, albeit in a more civilized and less intimidating way – Corruption. In every office, you gotta pay to get helped. At the mushrooming district offices, 165 and counting now, an official awaits to get a cut of hard-earned penny.


And the same way Ugandans in the Amin era got used to that life, corruption is more or less a way of life in Uganda now. You’re ready to give a bribe and depending who you’re, you may even always be ready to take one. From the gate-man at a public hospital to the minister and perhaps even higher. Museveni’s army of corrupt officials is doing exactly what Amin’s soldiers did, rob you clean and leave you helpless.


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