The “Walk2Work”

It began with commodity prices then fuel prices. But what would pass for a normal walk rapidly became political, then suicidal… name it. All the words that would relate to trouble. Most of the trouble would have passed un-noticed though, had it not been the fact that the Chief Walker turned out to be Dr Kizza Warren Besigye Kifefe – Museveni’s longtime nemesis who is just recovering from a bloody election loss. Beaten in elections but not yet out, was the signal he seemed to send to Museveni. Yet Museveni wants him out, healthy or unhealthy….Besigye must go. “Nja kumuluma luma mulye nga Sumbusa(I will eat him like a Samosa),” declared Museveni at his victory party. I would describe this statement in detail had it not be for my persistent need for you to keep checking ma blog. So please, check out the juicy details next week only here as usua.


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